Iowa’s River Restoration Toolbox Trainings

Iowa Rivers Revival, in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership, and Stantec Engineering, will be hosting two Level 1 and one Level 2 Toolbox Training workshops.

Sept 21-24: Level 1 in Webster, IA

Oct 5-8: Level 2 in Clive, IA *Must complete Level 1 to participate

The Level 1 workshops will focus on streambank stabilization and restoration techniques within the IDNR Toolbox and the Level 2 workshop will focus on geomorphic design. Both will include classroom lectures and field exercises, but Level 2 participants will develop conceptual stream restoration designs for a project in Clive.

These workshops are for a variety of individuals including engineers, architects, biologists, project managers, WMA coordinators, natural resources specialists, university facility, floodplain managers, and any other interested professionals.

To register for any of the workshops, please visit the Iowa Rivers Revival website.