Master River Stewards Program

IRR has developed the Master River Stewards Program, an adult-education program that teaches watershed awareness, paddling and navigating skills, river and stream dynamics, aquatic habitat, water quality and water monitoring, and policies related to floodplains, river protection and restoration.

The Master River Steward Program will build a network of river advocates and experts in organizations, agencies and communities across the state to protect and improve Iowa’s rivers, to ensure a lasting resource for future generations.  IRR received the 2014 “Environmental Impact Award” for developing and delivering the MRSP. IRR was also recognized for its “exceptional water management practices.”

MRSP brings 32 hours of instruction to Iowans on:

  • Watersheds
  • River and stream dynamics
  • River paddling and navigation
  • River chemistry and water monitoring
  • Policies related to protecting river and stream water quality
  • Stream restoration and riparian zone enhancement
  • Group projects will be conducted following the course in the participants own communities

Iowa Rivers Revival is happy to announce that there will be multiple chances statewide this year to become a Master River Steward!  In 2016, IRR was able to train certified Master River Stewards Program (MRSP) instructors across the state, who in turn are bringing the program to you!

Iowa Rivers Revival was able to develop the Master River Stewards Program from a grant awarded by the Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program (REAP CEP) in 2011.

Dr. Mary Skopec teaches water testing – Train the Trainer, 2016

The following partners have provided program funds and in-kind contributions to support the continuation and expansion of the Master Rivers Stewards Program:

  • Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program (REAP CEP)
  • Des Moines Water Works
  • Metro Waste Authority
  • Iowa DNR Rivers Program
  • Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
  • Iowa Soybean Association
  • Polk County Conservation Board
  • RDG Planning and Design

Indicates Projects Completed

Indicates Trained MSRP Graduates

Curriculum Resources

Week 2: River Form and Function

Week 4: River Chemistry and Water Quality Monitoring

Week 5: Policies Related to Protecting River and Stream Water Quality

Part 1: The Issue (video)

Part 2: The Farmer (podcast)

Part 3: On Policy (podcast)

Part 4: What Can We Do? (video)

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