Weekend Update – 2018 Session Wrap-up

Greetings and welcome to your weekend update!

Take an Iowa stay-cation- the 2018 legislative session is finally over- and it is time to get out and play! Let’s face it, we could use the endorphins…

Weekend update:

  • Let’s start with the good news: we came back from zero! Iowa Rivers Revival helped successfully advocate to restore the state line item for Water Trails (funding low-head dam safety mitigation and water trail improvement projects).  $500,000 was approved and designated to support ongoing projects around the state!  THANK YOU to all of you who helped and if you see your legislator on the list below, you might want to thank them too!  Senator Craig Johnson from Independence (the NEW Senate RIIF Chair) was especially great to work with.

Committee Members:

  • Other things did not go as planned:
    • The ‘water quality’ bill that was signed at the beginning of session was far from ideal. However, we are still talking about water and water quality and our legislators have assured us that this is ONLY the beginning.  We must keep the pressure on them this summer and into the next session.  Water quality issues have not and will not be solved with this bill.  We appreciate a step in the right direction, but there is a long way to go.
    • REAP funding has been cut again. While the line item remained at $12 million, at least $2 million has required use attached to it for park maintenance.  Another $1 million is tied up for other uses, leaving approximately $9 million of available grant money.  The state has never fully funded REAP at $25 million, but just think about what we could do if they did (IRR applies for REAP grant funding annually).
    • Another session and another missed opportunity to raise the state sales tax and fund the Natural Resource and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund (IWILL). When this FINALLY does happen, approximately $180 million will be generated ANNUALLY to fund natural resource and recreation projects- nearly 60% or which is to be dedicated to water quality improvement work.

So here’s the deal… we need your help!

It is our hope that these legislative updates and action alerts were helpful and kept you informed and empowered throughout the session. This work is so important to the quality of life in Iowa, and it’s going to take all of us to unite our voices to keep moving forward for progress. Independently we may be small, but TOGETHER we are mighty.

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We can’t do it without you and we want to keep working FOR you!


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