Weekend Update – April 6, 2018

It is Weekend Update time!

  • We are working hard to secure funding for Low-Head Dam Safety Mitigation and Water Trails from all angles and have heard from the committee that they “are working towards funding for the Low Head Dam Mitigation concern.”
  • The collaborative efforts to support funding have included the Department of Natural Resources, county conservation boards, Master River Steward graduates, local paddlers and of course- your friends at Iowa Rivers Revival.
  • Economic Development and shovel-ready projects are driving the urgency for this funding. We hope these projects will attract and retain Iowa families and provide recreational amenities, entrepreneurial opportunities, and fun ways to explore and enjoy wild spaces!


Let’s talk about new businesses that have been started as a direct result from mitigating our dams and enhancing our state-wide water trail system- liveries (boat and tube rentals)!

  • There are officially 86 outfitters statewide – two more that are so new, we haven’t spoken to them yet- some of which are doing six-figure business annually!
  • The number of outfitters has DOUBLED in this state since 2010
  • These outfitters are located throughout the state creating jobs and boosting local economies
  • We are asking for $1 million that could contribute to MULTIPLE projects and communities

Give your legislator a call today and tell them how excited you are to get out and play in your local rivers and streams!  Remember to tell YOUR story when you speak to your elected official and highlight how projects like these improve the quality of life for you, your family, your community, and Iowa as a whole.

Our elected officials need to hear from all of us if we are going to continue this important work to protect, restore and enjoy Iowa’s rivers and streams!

Senate switch board: 515-281-3371
House switch board: 515-281-3321

Mark your Calendar:

  • 100th calendar day of the session; legislators’ per diem expires- April 17th

Tips- check out the following websites that can be very helpful during the legislative session: