Weekend Update – February 16, 2018


It is Weekend Update time!


Weekend update:

  • We have reached the first funnel deadline!
  • The next funnel will be March 16, 2018
  • HF 2008 has most likely been scrapped due to an overwhelming show of opposition from WMA’s and community leaders.Jarad Klein has said that the bill will not be advancing.
  • There was an incredible turnout for Fund the Trust Day/IWILL Lobby Day on Monday.Individuals were throughout the Capitol meeting with elected officials.If you have not yet reached out to your Senator or Representative, it’s not too late.Postcards are available upon request and a phone call is always warranted to discuss generating new revenue to fund natural resources in Iowa.
  • While SF 512 has already been signed into law, there is supplementary bill that proposes adjustments called HSB 645.The bill is supported by the ABI and a few others that were unhappy with SF 512 and would make adjustments before the bill goes into code.Notable points below:
    • HSB 645 would allow the definition of the Nutrient Reduction Strategy to change passed on administrative determinations
    • It allows other ‘specified industries’ to use the money that SF 512 directs for water quality or other water management improvements (wide and vague)
    • Rural water utilities claim the bill will hem them access more of the money
    • It has advanced and we are monitoring it
    • Key contacts about this would be the Republicans (Baltimore, Hanusa, Highfill, Vander Linden) Democrats (Bearinger, Miller, Ourth, Prichard) who did NOT support SF 512
  • Several Bottle Bills are floating around and the discussion will likely get pretty heated.Whatever bill does advance is likely to be subject from amendments from both sides.
  • Senator Rob Hogg has introduced a bill to fund IWILL AND other water conservation issues.He is asking for our support for SF2161.



  • Our top priority this session is to restore funding for Dam Mitigation and Water Trails.  Currently, the Governor has $1 million appropriated in her budget.  We hope that the House and Senate will do the same.  This funding supports the DNR’s River Program and has helped fund popular projects such as the whitewater courses in Charles City and Manchester.  This funding is allocated by the Transportation, Infrastructure, and Capitals Appropriations Subcommittee.

IRR along with the DNR Rivers Program will be presenting to this committee on Thursday, February 22nd at 10 AM.  We could use your help reaching out to them ahead of time.  If you are interested in attending the committee presentation, please let me know!

Here are the members of the committee:

Senate Members

House Members

If you see your Senator or Representative on this list, please consider contacting them to talk about why rivers and recreation and clean water and low-head dam mitigation are important to YOU, YOUR family and YOUR community!  They need to hear from constituents.  Best contact is face to face, but a phone call or a handwritten note are also great.  I have some newly designed, Greetings from Iowa’s Waters post cards available if you are interested!

Mark your Calendar:

  • Green Drinks meetup with Adam Hammes and Women for Water at Peace Tree Brewing- Thursday, February 22nd at 5 PM
  • Life in the Raccoon River: Regenerative Farming, Raccoon River Watershed Association at the Hotel Pattee, Perry – March 2nd and 3rd
  • Second funnel deadline (week 10)- March 16th
  • Environmental Lobby Day at the Capitol- Thursday, March 22nd
  • 100th calendar day of the session; legislators’ per diem expires- April 17th

Tips- check out the following websites that can be very helpful during the legislative session: