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Statewide Nonprofit Leading Iowans to Restore, Protect, and Enjoy Our Rivers

Iowa Rivers Revival (IRR) is a leader in river education and advocacy and is committed to protecting some of our most precious natural resources – our rivers and streams. IRR works to engage individuals, organizations, communities, and government leaders in river awareness, responsibility, and enjoyment to improve and enhance the condition of Iowa waterways – ensuring a quality, safe and lasting resource for future generations.

Environmental stewardship begins with environmental literacy, and they both begin with exposure. We are committed to growing greater awareness about water quality and river issues across the state by offering programs and information that connect individuals and communities to their rivers.

Flanked by two great rivers, with more than 70,000 miles between them, Iowa’s rivers and their valleys hold much of Iowa’s remaining wildness. Rivers provide many benefits and values for Iowa communities including water for everyday use, recreation, economic development, natural habitat for wildlife, and an increase in the quality of life. There are many threats that impact the condition and quality of our rivers including flooding, pollution (what you can and can’t see), erosion, and general apathy for conservation priorities.

Rivers are the barometer of the overall health of our ecosystem and Iowa Rivers Revival is working to ensure our rivers are safe, clean, and enjoyable for future generations.